If a child is lost in a shopping centre, if a building needs to be evacuated or if a train station operator needs to update passengers on schedule changes, Jacques IP Public Address (PA) System is a user friendly IP communication system ideal for virtually any industry application. The IP PA system offers a simple method of information and entertainment dissemination to the masses which is complimented by a multitude of innovative features.

Operating via an IP network allows for complete flexibility of system use including dynamic grouping of PA zones, with no limit on the number of groups or the number of zones within a group. This allows users the ability to design site-specific PA systems with an unlimited number zones ensuring total audio coverage across all buildings, areas and/or precincts. 

The Jacques VoIP PA system is easy to use. Announcements can be made using any Jacques master station or via SIP to a digital telephone system. Using the Jacques SIP interface allows total broadcast control via any digital telephone system in the building/area/precinct.

The use of a digital signal processor allows total user control of the PA system. Users have the flexibility to broadcast background music to a number of selected PA zones,Park while making an audio announcement to other individual or selected zones simultaneously. Zone selection is particularly important in the instance of an emergency which may require audio tone alerts or the activation of an evacuation procedure. The digital signal processor also manages the delivery of remote, pre-recorded and time-scheduled announcements and tones to required zones. This is beneficial to a number of industry applications as the PA system can automatically make a pre-recorded announcement outside of normal business hours, or for sites operating 24/7.

The Jacques IP PA System has the added ability to monitor and interrogate the system for faults via the network. If an amplifier on the network fails, the system will report the failure allowing for timely maintenance and repair. Importantly the integrity of the entire PA system is not affected allowing for broadcasts to continue to all other zones on the network.

If a site expands or there is a need to add additional PA zones, these can easily be added to new or existing network infrastructure ensuring system longevity. Therefore sites who install a Jacques IP PA system have total confidence in knowing the system can expand and adapt to any operational and environmental changes into the future.

Audio and videopark southbank flowers intercom slaves can seamlessly integrate into a Jacques IP PA system to create a comprehensive communications system. Intercom terminals communicate with master stations to provide users with the ability to activate door and gate release as well as broadcast PA announcements through intercom endpoint speakers. Jacques offer a variety of robust intercom endpoints that are vandal and weather resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments and able to easily manage the demands of high public usage. Jacques’ IP PA systems can be designed to meet specific requirements and can integrate to a large number of third party systems and devices, ultimately providing end users with a highly flexible and cohesive solution.


The music dissemination from the Jacques Public address system can be used as a standalone system for various industry applications. With the ability to record and store audio messages, it is an ideal method for offering information with the simple push of a button. This system is suitable for museums with exhibitions that require readily available audio information for visitors.